There is much debate about whether a good salesperson should use scripting. What I’d like to do is share some thoughts about why I think scripting is not only important but could be the key to success for your sales calls and customer service calls.

Preparation is key

We can all agree that the best sales and customer service representatives are the ones most prepared, I view scripting as the ultimate preparation. When a representative is well-rehearsed and knows the script this achieves a couple of important things, number one the representative displays more confidence, number two all the primary points you want them to cover in a sales or customer service conversation are guaranteed to be covered and number three the conversation will have a good flow from beginning to end. This will give your potential new customer / lead a greater sense of confidence in the service you are providing.

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”
Alexander Graham Bell

Can you recall a time when you placed a call to a company and it seemed as though the person on the other end of the phone didn’t quite know what they were talking about? You may have even requested to speak to a manager or another representative because you didn’t feel confident in the representative on the phone and it made you doubt the information. I believe that scripting an effective conversation reduces poor quality conversations.

Consistency in message and information

With a scripted conversation, you ensure the representative has all the tools necessary to gather important information. When we’re talking about a sales call or pre-qualification for service, this becomes even more crucial. They may need to confirm important details before qualifying a lead or gather important information to effectively direct the call to the right place. No matter the circumstance, scripting the conversation will ensure all of the important elements are covered effectively and with consistency.

Lead where you need to go

Along with covering the details necessary to pre-qualify a lead, scripting a conversation also provides a nice conversational flow. It should take a lead from an introduction nicely through the conversation to a  scheduled or converted moment. A carefully crafted script can take the conversation in the direction for the best results. It also puts the power in the hands of the agent to maneuver the conversation to the best outcome.


The best and most effective way to overcome objections is to script the perfect rebuttal for every possible objection you can think of. This goes back to making sure the agent is in complete control of the conversation and it also helps the agent communicate with confidence. If you know the objections and script the response you are less likely to be taken off guard by any question and can start to see objections as opportunities to build rapport and relationships.


We offer a free secret shopper call analysis called the Kinect Call. We politely pose as a customer to assess call quality and follow-through. We provide a Kinect scorecard to help companies improve their intake and customer calls. The most common critiques can be solved with good scripting. We provide custom scripting because it improves effectiveness, Rapport, and the Impression we make. It also allows us to maintain consistency in our message.