We want you to meet a true operations ninja. He silently observes in the background making sure our systems run smoothly and harmoniously, with laser focus and an unparalleled knack for problem solving. Darren Gazaui has been working with us for over 5 years and has a crazy talent for IT and operations that he brings to InteliKINECT. We are thrusting him from the background and into our spotlight!

What do you do for Intelikinect? I work with Intelikinect as the Operations Manager. In that role I am responsible for maintaining a strong understanding of technology and its application to achieve business objectives including productivity. I do this by managing, troubleshooting, and maintaining internal applications, as well as communicating related system problems and collaborating with others on necessary changes, fixes, and updates.

What do you like most about your role? I love the people I get to work! We have a really talented team of Ninjas making calls managing accounts and doing really great work. My whole family are business owners so knowing that we are helping small businesses grow feels really good, especially right now when so many are struggling to make it through the current pandemic. Small businesses are the heart of this country so i’m glad to be a small part of helping out.

What is one of the biggest challenges? Putting out the fires! It is inevitable that at some point technology will get in the way of our productivity, but I do truly love diagnosing the issue, resolving the problem, and helping coworkers return to higher productivity levels.

What song best describes your personality? Garth Brooks – The River

Have you ever met anyone famous? I once met Rob Schnieder at a grocery store. I made a joke to him. He just looked at me funny, finished paying, and walked away.