Here is an example of a customized dashboard

When it comes to building your business, the focus must be on your core competencies. Not only do you, as a business owner, need to be driven but you also need to be responsible for managing employees as well as juggling customers. That is not an easy achievement. At InteliKINECT, however, we believe business owners need to focus on closing your potential leads rather than working them through time consuming pipeline. This is where InteliKinect comes in! We have help hundreds of clients by providing customizable dashboards, immediate lead connection and a consistent and measured approach to lead conversion. This improves conversion and contact rates and leads to increased revenue.

OUtsourcing Benefits

Lead Conversion & Call Center Program

  • Cost Reduction

  • Flexibility and Scalability

  • Specialized Industry Knowledge

  • “Account Managers” Represent Your Brand

  • Access to Cost Management Tools

  • Data Collection and Analysis

See for yourself why InteliKINECT is the favorite call center sales assistance service around. You’ll be surprised how quickly and completely a lead conversion program can improve your business output and sales funnel. 

There’s no obligation and no commitment required on your part.  Please contact us at (619) 332.6397 for more information.