If you are considering expanding your team to help with new customer acquisition, customer service and appointment setting, it might be a good idea to review the options and determine which type of service will make the most sense and what additional features provide added value to your customer acquisition. For example,do you need instant web chat? Customer texting, reactive service or proactive service. This can make a big difference in what company you may choose to outsource with.

Reactive service

When a customer has a query, contacts you via their preferred communication channel and waits for a response, it is called reactive customer service. It is the standard process of providing customer service in most companies.

You may not have paid much thought to it but the chances are, if you have a question about your ATT bill you call the number and get an automated system followed by an agent. You may even test the web chat function to get an instant response. You may call a company to inquire about their pricing and services or maybe to schedule an estimate but all of these interactions stem from the customer.

In these circumstances, you want a team that is able to track customer communication and provide quick and consistent follow up to ensure the customer has a good experience and the best possibility of converting.

Benefits of proactive customer service

Proactive customer service occurs when representatives reach out to customers and offer solutions without being prompted. This can include introducing new products or services that customers may like, immediately notifying customers about errors and glitches, or simply going out of your way to improve a customer’s experience. A proactive approach comes with many benefits for your business.

Takes charge of communication – Being proactive allows you to participate in what your customers are saying regarding your brand in private and public platforms. It can provide you an opportunity to engage with them in such a way that your business can be seen in a favorable light.

Retains existing customers – You can strengthen your bond with your customers by reaching out to them proactively even when they haven’t mentioned you or addressed you directly. It exceeds their expectation of good customer service and compels them to return the favor with repeat business.

Acquires new customers – Being proactive allows you the opportunity to reach out to your prospective customers and encourage them to choose your brand over others.

According to recent studies, a happy customer will tell at least three people about their experience with a brand and encourage them to make the switch.

At InteliKINECT we are a proactive team of go-getters! Our program is built to meet both reactive and proactive needs so you can get the best of both worlds. Here to answer calls and address any questions but also, calling back customers to ensure they get the information they need to make a good decision.