ONE Solution!

  • Immediate Lead Connect

  • Multiple Call Rotations

  • CRM Integration

  • Analytics dashboard

  • Auditable Call Recordings

  • Multiple Text messages

  • Branded Voicemails

  • Personal Scripting & Account Playbook

  • FAQ Support

  • and much more…!



We Help Your Business Grow! 

The more leads we see, the lower fees you pay.



Monthly Lead Count:
Cost per Lead:
Plan Cost:
Average Monthly Savings*:
**Calculated based on the average salary of a sales representative converting up to 300 leads/month


Need more?

Includes all the benefits of InteliKINECT ONE as well as:

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Immersive Environment

  • Advanced Scripting (AI Programming)

  • Seamless Integrated Sales Process

  • Project & Team Management Platform