In late November, two members of our InteliKinect team, Account Manager Ashley Szczecinski and Executive Director Joanna Loughran headed to Fort Collins, Colorado to meet with members of the innovative Madwire marketing agency.

In those three days, inteliKINECT developed an exciting strategic partnership between us and Madwire. Not only was Joanna able to present the full value and benefit of our program for both Madwire clients and account managers, she also participated in Madwire’s Youtube channel interview series and developed relationships with members of their sales and management teams.

The benefits our top-rated lead conversion program provides to Madwire (and all of our clients) can be separated into two categories. Benefits for clients, and benefits for account managers. If your use case doesn’t involve account managers don’t worry! We’re confident our program will still be of use. Just read on.


Benefits for Clients

1. Immediate follow-up for leads 

This one is simple. We follow-up with leads as soon as they come in. That’s just what we do.

2. Text campaigns

According to Pew Research, 92% of Americans own an SMS-capable smartphone. Don’t have a texting platform set-up already? You might be missing out on sales.

3. Analytics dashboard

Having an accurate dashboard can save you and your employees time and money when you’re making business decisions. Consider it a “home base” and something your sales team could and should be relying on.

4. Fixed rate

Tired of agencies handing out quotes that seem to come out of thin air? Our program does away with that and handles leads on a fixed rate basis.

5. CRM documentation

Your CRM is your first step in getting organized. Documentation is crucial in getting it right. Our proven, intuitive method has helped many small to mid-sized businesses get organized.

Benefits for Account Managers

1. Make sure leads generated are followed up with

Another simple one. Most salespeople and account managers are already well acquainted with the “follow up”, but a surprising amount of leads fall through the cracks and are not followed up with for whatever reason. That’s where we come in.

2. Improve account longevity

Our goal is to convert mercurial leads into long-term customers. Our focus is on giving you the sales support to provide value beyond the initial transaction.

3. Offer a new program that compliments

Who doesn’t like more features? Our program complements sales and marketing packages, filling an underserved niche not undertaken by other companies.

4. Offer scalability

One of the main issues with sales and marketing is that certain aspects do not scale nicely. Many tasks still require the human touch. Outsourcing your lead conversion allows you to achieve scale by engaging our dedicated team to help you!

We’re not just going to rest on our laurels; new features are being added to our and Madwire’s programs constantly. To request a free quote and see what our plans can do for you, contact us at (619) 332-6397 and Madwire.


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