3 Reasons Why You Should Be Outsourcing Your Lead Conversion

(Source: inteliKINECT)

(Source: inteliKINECT)

The decision to outsource your lead conversion is not one that you as a company should ever take lightly. It is a major decision – after all, you are trusting a part of your business and its operations to another company. Your contact center is often the first line of communications your business has with leads and potential first-time buyers. Choose the wrong lead conversion company and you could miss the opportunity to grow your relationship and reputation with your customers.

The stakes are undeniably high, so why do people outsource their lead conversion instead of managing them in-house?

The short answer here is that outsourcing your call center is often a smart course of action. While contact center employees may not start with the depth of product knowledge that your dedicated sales associate might have, often times it does not take them long to get there. Plus they are trained with the expertise to interface with your customers and to do so with proven sales and project management techniques.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of outsourcing your lead conversion.

1. It gives your firm flexibility

Outsourcing is one of the best ways for you to add flexibility to your company’s operations. When you choose the right call center provider, you are buying the ability to flex the number of people working on your company’s behalf as well as the hours those employees work – and that is invaluable.

Plus, while this flexibility lets you respond effectively to changing demands within your existing business, it also simplifies the process of entering additional markets or developing new product offerings. Without lead conversion outsourcing, you would be forced to estimate how many sales employees you need to meet the needs of a new market or answer questions about a new product. In addition to hiring each of those people, you also need to train them, pay for someone to manage their work efforts, and pay for someone to administer their payroll and benefits. That’s no problem if you estimated well, but if you forgot to carry the proverbial “one,” you could end up spending more than what is necessary.

If you had chosen an outsourced contact center, all of that estimating (and the costs associated with an error) can be eliminated. If you choose a firm with results-oriented pricing similar to inteliKINECT, additional contacts can be added or dropped from your customer service program in direct response to the demand you actually receive. Ultimately, you are only paying for the agents who speak with your customers. During low volume calling, agents can be directed to other projects. If you are receiving a higher than average call volume, more calls can be added. You only pay for what you use, helping you meet your customer demands and stay on budget.

2. It increases response time

(Source: inteliKINECT)

(Source: inteliKINECT)

When you choose to outsource your call center activities, you can better manage all sorts of spikes in call volume and customer service. You can expand into new markets with peace of mind, launch new products, or change your website at will, knowing that you have a team of agents ready to answer any questions and solve whatever issues your customers might have while providing that service quickly. For example, if you have a contracting business, you might notice spikes in customer buying during the summer. If you house your own call center, you would need to hire, train, and house seasonal workers to manage the seasonal leads, then go through the unpleasant process of laying them off after the rush dies down. You would also need to get the timing correct so that you don’t have idle production or bottlenecks. Even with the best efforts, you can expect to experience some inefficiencies.

In contrast, an outsourced call center helps you manage surges in call volume easily. Agents can be shifted on and off your program seamlessly to reflect seasonal demand – and that’s not all. Outsourced lead conversion also manages surges in call volume during the seasons extremely well for the same reason. Whether your customers like to call in during lunchtime, after hours, or first thing in the morning, an outsourced call center can flex to meet those demands. Not only do you save money by not having to hire dedicated employees, but your customers receive minimal wait times, regardless of how many calls your company receives at any given time.

3. It reduces operational costs

On top of everything else, outsourcing often saves money. It can take a lot of money to set up a call center. There are both hard and soft costs. If you’re unfamiliar with the industry, a good portion of that initial outlay could be wasted. In contrast, if you hire a call center outsourcing company, you can capture every penny of cost and ensure it is contributing to a higher return on investment. Each phone, customer service station, and piece of equipment will actively contribute to providing the best sales experience possible. They will also make sure that the infrastructure can support your call volume and the contact channels you wish to provide.

Plus, not only does our firm know which technologies to use for call processing and equipment, but you can also leverage our scale to get better technologies than you may have been able to afford on your own.


Hiring a company to provide your company’s lead follow-up and conversion can cost less than building one yourself, buying the equipment, creating efficient procedures, and managing the staff. The benefits extend beyond just saving money, outsourcing can help your company increase its competitiveness by 10-fold or more.

So, what are you waiting for?

Outsourcing your contact center can make a big difference. Check out inteliKINECT’s products and see how our programs can work for your business.