When it comes to customer service, attention to detail, and being a team player Brittany is truly an expert! With a diverse background and skills in sales, customer service, and marketing she is not only an asset to InteliKINECT but to our clients as well.

What do you enjoy about being in customer service?
I am a helper by nature. I love to talk to people and problem solve various issues. It’s a personal quality I have in my own life!

What aspect do you most like about your work at InteliKINECT?
I like the fact that this company is all about growth. Since I’ve worked here I have been able to refresh my skills and learn new ones. I can see myself becoming more valuable!

What inspires you to do exceptional work?
My future inspires me to do exceptional work! I am huge on listening and learning and that allows me to utilize my skills better. I always prioritize wanting to grow and learn for a better future/career!

What do you most like to do when you are not converting leads?
When I am not converting leads, I am usually learning a new account, or picking up another company task! I am all about time management and multi-tasking.

What was the last book you read and what did you learn from it? 
The last book I read was Zero to One by Peter Theil. It is an amazing book! As someone who one day wants to own their own business, I learned that when creating a business, you should create something that changes the world! That book is not for the fishes in the pool. It really emphasizes on the importance of being different and going for a much higher vision/goal with what you want for your business. It’s great to read good books from billionaires because you someday want to be one too!

Finish this sentence ” if I could go anywhere on vacation I would go to——— because—————and I would bring——.
If I could go anywhere on a vacation, I would go to Egypt because I have always wanted to see the Pyramids and I would bring Musa my 2 year old son because he has always been my right hand man!