InteliKINECT has worked with a diverse client base and among many different industries. One of our strongest industry representations is the legal services industry. Whether the specialty is Personal Injury, Family Law, Estate Planning or Debt Resolution InteliKINECT has crafted a program to effectively and efficiently service the appointment setting, pre-qualification, and sales assistance needs. 

We excel in the challenging task of connecting, confirming, and converting leads into clients. Whether you are getting leads from Avvo, Martindale-Hubbel, Nolo, or through social media and pay per click (PPC) campaigns, we can manage your new client outreach with our multi-channel approach. Below is an example of how a program like ours can provide quality and value to your lead conversion process improve your sales pipeline and generate greater sales

Introduction: A law firm seeks to improve its new client intake process and increase new client outreach. The lead flow was good but the contact rate was poor and the conversion rate was not optimal. The company was not interested in an outsourced option that didn’t have previous legal experience or CRM experience.

Challenge: The internal team was spending more time making phone calls and not enough time conducting the client intake and making sales. They were losing opportunities to convert the leads because the internal process was not built for volume. They were looking for a program that could integrate seamlessly into the current process while offering some optimization for lead conversion. The group also needed an outsourced option that would document outcomes in the client CRM to maintain internal messaging and sales pipeline management.

Solution: The company reviewed the Lead Conversion program as a solution. They needed a call center that had experience working in the legal industry and a program that would make multiple calls and document the outcomes in a very specific way. They were also in need of a team that could seamlessly integrate into the operational process, communicate with the internal team, interact holistically within the CRM, and schedule sales appointments. The company was also interested in a solution that would naturally scale up and down with the lead count for the month and provide flexible month to month program actions, with the option of a full sales assistance as the company grew.

Benefit: InteliKinect provided a custom lead conversion program to include follow up for all new leads, pre-qualifications, and appointment setting. Our team used full CRM functionality to communicate tasks and messages to members of the internal team when needed. The internal channel set up for the communication of all the team members was a great tool that kept the team feel while maintaining the collaboration in the account. By outsourcing to our team they were able to increase the lead flow and capture leads quicker thus improving the conversion rate.

Result: Through the custom lead conversion program we were able to increase the number of leads they were able to service and therefore the sales they were able to make. The internal team was able to focus on the sales pipeline and make more sales to pre-qualified leads.