Introduction: A full-service home construction and design company with fifteen years of experience looking to improve their customer experience and drive incoming leads efficiently down the sales pipeline.

Challenge: This company generates a hundred to a hundred and fifty leads a month but has an inconsistent follow-up approach. Incoming leads were not always documented, calls were not consistently answered or returned, their sales pipeline was drawn out and as a result, leads were not being maximized and potential revenue was slipping through the cracks. 

Solution: The company reviewed InteliKinect’s call center and lead conversion program. This solution provides call center agents and account managers to answer incoming and initiate outgoing calls to leads from multiple sources. Agents document all actions in the company’s client relationship management software (CRM) and schedules appointments for their sales team. The service provides multiple call rotations with scripting crafted to bring best results and targeted text message campaigns to help drive leads down the sales pipeline. 

Benefit: By outsourcing the initial lead contact process, the company was able to redirect their focus on closing sales with scheduled leads and provide the best customer experience. They were able to scale their team and improve their sales process at a fraction of the cost.

Result: With the right solution the company was able to increase their contact rate by 22% bringing the total contacted rate to 83% their conversion rate also increased by 9% bringing their total lead conversion to 35.37%. The money saved with an outsourced solution enabled the company to scale their team in more beneficial ways. The call center solution increased their ability to accept incoming leads, make greater sales and ultimately scale up their business as well as add new locations.


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