Introduction: A popular fitness franchise was looking to standardize their lead scheduling process to increase the appointments scheduled and memberships sold.

Challenge: Each location had a very different way of handling leads generated and therefore an inconsistent outcome was apparent. Their contact rate was low and their show rate even lower.

Solution: The company reviewed InteliKinect for its call center and lead conversion program. This solution provided the locations with a consistent approach to managing their leads from a pre-qualification, scheduling and scripting standpoint.  The program allowed for all leads, no matter the source, to be handled in the same way. This ensured incoming calls were handled consistently and appropriately. The outsourced program offered a greater number of calls than could be managed by each location manager and offered professional text message follow up and email campaigns.

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Benefit: By outsourcing the initial lead contact process, the company was able to systematize the follow-up process and pre-qualify the leads to ensure they were the right fit for their specialized program. The consultative approach helped increase the number of booked appointments and attended appointments. Having a consistent team to answer questions and follow the agreed-upon protocol provided a better customer experience.

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Result: With the lead conversion solution, the company was able to improve the quality of the lead using the pre-qualification process as well as increase their contact and conversion rate. The money invested in an outsourced solution helped improve their internal process which gave the brand better organization and generated more interest in their franchise.


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