Within one minute.

Yes, you read that right, one minute. The value of a lead decreases in seconds, which means you have to contact them almost immediately. 

Current Efforts

The Harvard Business Review found that 26.1% of leads are followed up within 5 minutes. But the average response time for leads is 42 hours. For such strong data, shouldn’t companies be contacting the leads way sooner?

The answer is, yes, companies should be calling faster. According to Marketing Charts, The statistics of calling new leads under a minute boosts the conversion rates by 391%.

THAT IS A VERY HIGH PERCENTAGE! In this age where everything is instant, people expect companies to be available 24/7. And the reality of that, companies simply can’t keep up.

Think about it, if you were signing up for more information about a product or service, wouldn’t you want to be contacted almost immediately? If I’m responding to an ad for a service, I usually have the time to respond to messages or phone calls right then and there. 

But if someone waits to contact me two days later, I won’t be in the same mindset I was in before where I might have been more inclined to buy. 

Ask yourself how much money you put into marketing. Then ask yourself how effective and successful those efforts are. Companies invest in large marketing campaigns but aren’t taking the next steps to secure more of those leads to accounts. 

So what’s the solution?

Well, we could be a solution 😉 

Yes, a shameless plug for our services, but it’s true! You market to the leads and we call within that 1 minute window to book, schedule, or contact the lead.

I’ve called someone back immediately after they submitted interest in one of our client’s services. I called so quickly, the lead was shocked at the response time! I was then able to schedule an appointment for them and our client was then able to close the sale. 

You have to think about what you’re missing out on, every time you fail to contact a lead within one minute. Think about the costs and think about the solutions!



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