We are a call center program designed to act like an extension of your internal team. We help companies scale and grow with a turnkey solution. It sounds simple because it is! But we know you must have questions so we’ll save you the debate on whether or not to hit the LIVE CHAT option on our website and share some of our most common questions and the answers..

What sets you apart from other call centers?

We offer a turn-key program with lots of customizable features. Our team is heavily invested in converting your leads to appointments, transfers, and sales. We don’t just take your incoming calls, we try to maximize our conversations for the best result.


Do you make both outgoing and accept incoming calls?

Yes we do. Our program is designed to provide instant follow up on hot leads and accept incoming calls for your business. 


How do you track your performance?

We provide all accounts with a real-time analytics dashboard to track the lead journey status, source among other things.


Do you generate leads?

We don’t generate leads. We service your leads providing each one with the care and attention they deserve, improving the chances of conversion.


Do you charge per call, per lead or per scheduled appointment?

Our lead conversion is priced per lead and includes all the calls and texts, whether it takes 4 or 10 calls. 


Do you offer extended hours?

Yes. Our program covers 9-5 in your timezone. In addition, we offer extended coverage packages but we don’t currently offer 24 hour coverage.


Do you offer an answering service?

Kinect Concierge acts like an answering service or a virtual receptionist. This program provides call support, message taking, and appointment setting. 


Is there a contract?

Custom programs require a 3 month commitment InteliKInect One is a month to month program.


Will multiple people make calls on my account?

No. You will be assigned a manager and a team to run your account.


Where are you based?

We are a San Diego based company with agents in all time zones