At InteliKinect we pride ourselves on representing many industries with expertise. In this month’s case study we wanted to share a story of how a moving company was able to double the scheduled estimates and DOUBE their revenue in one month!

Introduction: A moving company struggles to manage all the incoming calls and as a result is missing out on job opportunities. In addition, they were wasting money on lead generation because 1/2 the leads were not followed up with. After reviewing the numbers it was estimated 50% of the incoming calls were either missed or not called back. The conversion rate on scheduled leads was 50%.

Challenge: The company was missing calls while providing onsite estimates and not providing a consistent follow up on the interested leads. This led to the customer going to a competitor for a quicker response and quote. Staff members were unable to maintain a full appointment schedule due to lacking consistency in phone support. The follow up after appointments were also lacking, leading to a low conversion rate.

Solution: The company considered the Lead Conversion and Sales Assistance programs to help solve their problems. They required a call center that could both answer lots of questions with continuity and make a seamless sale. They were looking for a call center program that would make multiple calls and document the outcomes. They were also in need of a team that could take their sales communication to the next level and interact holistically within the CRM, generate instant estimates using the platform, send the estimates to the customer and take payments.

Benefit: InteliKinect provided a custom program to include follow up for all new leads as well as sales assistance. Our team mastered a complex industry-specific CRM to generate instant estimates, take deposits, and send confirmations to clients. Our team used full CRM functionality to communicate tasks and messages to members of the internal team when needed. The client was able to account for all the actions taken and streamline the sales process. The analytics dashboard provided by InteliKinect demonstrated all outcomes in one place for review and download, giving the client important information about the conversions.

Result: Through the lead conversion and sales assistance program the client was able to strategize lead management and improve sales conversion significantly. They DOUBLED the scheduled appointments and DOUBLED the sales in the first month.