A large medical group, hosting regular educational events regarding complex medical treatments, was looking for a team to handle complex pre-qualifications and schedule leads for multiple events.


The medical group had an immense lead volume and was unable to handle the call volume needed to connect with the leads. They had tried an outsourced offshore solution but with mixed results and no analytics to assess the program, it was hard to get the results they desired.


The company was referred to InteliKinect for its process and measurable metrics. This solution not only enabled the consistent handling of leads but also gave the company access to agents with specialized industry knowledge. This group needed a complex pre-qualification process centered around medical procedures before scheduling the leads an appointment. The InteliKinect team came with industry experts able to handle the complex language and nature of the calls. This solution also provided a real time analytics dashboard to track all the lead outcomes, scheduled appointments, contact rate as well as scheduled rate in one place. This group required access to call recordings to ensure the proper conversation was followed on each and every call.


By outsourcing to InteliKinect the client was able to manage the incoming leads and ensure a tight pre-qualification process. Access to call recordings gave the group confidence in the assigned agents approach and understanding of program objectives. The analytics dashboard demonstrated all outcomes in one place for review and download, giving the client important information about each event location.


Through the lead conversion program the client was able to fill the events with prequalified, potential patients and increase sales conversion rates elevating revenue generated. The information provided on the analytics dashboard enabled the group to strategize which locations performed most favorably and target those areas in need.