If you already have a team in place for your customer service and sales, you might be wondering how can inteliKINECT help? Our program was built to integrate into your existing structure, increase the reach of your company and provide additional support for your internal team to help you reach new goals. We see this structure at work especially well with our marketing clients, because with a flexible but reliable program in place, you can implement our team at any point in your sales funnel to improve your results, close more sales, connect with more leads and schedule more appointments.

Introduction: A marketing company wants to increase the outreach to new clients without the added burden on the internal team. The company was looking to redirect to focus of the internal team and utilize the calling power of a contact center. The company was also interested in maximizing the hours of operation without paying overtime to staff. The internal team was unable to manage all the incoming calls and as a result, the conversion rate was 16% Digital Marketing Services - Online SEO Services

Challenge: The company was missing out on business being generated out of office hours and as a result, the leads were not getting the follow-up needed to convert to long-time customers. The internal sales team was not only focused on sales but also on managing accounts and as a result, account management was falling behind getting poorly reviewed. Maintaining the collaboration between the outsourced and internal team was a big concern of the owner.

Solution: The company considered the Lead Conversion program to help solve their problems. They required a calling team that had experience working in the marketing industry and a program that would make multiple calls and document the outcomes in their CRM. They were also in need of a team that could seamlessly integrate into the operational process, communicate with the internal team, interact holistically within the CRM, and schedule sales appointments.

Benefit: InteliKinect provided a program to include follow-up for all new leads, pre-qualifications, and appointment setting. Our team used full CRM functionality to communicate tasks and messages to members of the internal team when needed. The internal channel set up for the communication of all the team members was a great tool that kept the team feel while maintaining the collaboration in the account. By outsourcing to our team they were able to increase the hours of operation and capture leads quicker thus improving the conversion rate.

Result: Through the lead conversion program we were able to improve the conversion rate to 21% in the first month and it continues to grow. The internal team was able to focus on making sales to pre-qualified leads and free up time to manage account tasks with improved efficiency www.InteliKinect.com