Here in the state of California governor Gavin Newsom recently outlined the stages of reopening for local businesses. While much of his plan is still open to question there is great hope that we are moving forward to opening the economy.

The question is, how are you preparing for a gradual return to business as usual? How will you find new ways to service your customers? Will you be able to meet the demand and do you have enough resources in place to return to normal operations?

In a recent article we outlined the benefits of outsourcing parts of your business operations and processes. This might be the perfect circumstance to review your outsourcing options while scaling your business back to full operations. Here is a quick checklist to think about as you plan your comeback.

Website Updates

As your business opens up it will be crucial to make sure your customers are able to connect with you and get all the information they need to use your service or your product. Your website is the first place your customers will look at for updates and new information. Add a pop-up banner for temporary measure, edit your homepage to reflect the current circumstances and the most important messaging.

Safety Measures

What adjustments will you be making to ensure the safety of your customers? WHO has some great information on their website to help protect your employees and customers, these recommendations include facemasks, gloves and regular hand washing but what other things can you do? Touchless service, curbside pick up, virtual consultations?

Incoming Calls 

It’s important to make sure you are answering all incoming calls with the highest quality of customer service. This will ensure all your customers get the correct messaging and can move forward with confidence in your product or service.

If you are unable to answer your calls consistently make sure your voicemail message gives clear business information your customers can count on. Recording daily personal messages is a great way to show customers that you are actively monitoring the calls.

Customer Service

If you need more assistance with customer calls, a call center option is a great way to get quality service and ensure all your calls are answered. Here at InteliKINECT we help businesses by providing a full service call center to help save costs while businesses rebuild. We are here to act as an extension of your team.

How are you preparing for a business comeback?