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A New Style of Call Center

The concept of outsourced call centers has changed very little over the last decades. It substitutes quality for quantity while still functioning in an antiquated pricing model designed to cost the client more money.

You don’t want a disconnected outsourced program.

You want a true 3rd Party call center partner. Learn how InteliKINECT helps you accomplish more with the tools and process infrastructure to facilitate proper sales pipeline management. With programs focused on results per lead rather than time spent, and features such as  project management tools, monthly analytic reporting, and guaranteed service level agreements you too can benefit!

With so much of your business happening in a digital environment, InteliKINECT provides the human component staffed with US based agents acting as a natural extension of your team.

How We Stand Out


Average Handle Time.

Average handling time (AHT) is the average time spent by an agent in handling customer issues or transactions.

Average Speed of Answer.

The Average Speed of Answer (ASA) refers to the average amount of time wherein a call is required to be answered.

First Contact Resolution.

First Contact Resolution (FCR) is an essential part of managing our company’s relationship with your customers.

Reducing our average speed of answer time and increasing our average handle time with each caller has shown a positive outcome within our first contact resolution environment. This specific balanced equation, negative (ASA) + positive (AHT) = real (FCR), leads to quality over quantity.

This method is InteliKINECT’s approach and our core competency.


A Management Team You Can Count On


Our team is diverse and results driven with vast experience across multiple industries. Comprehensive skills in active listening, communication, and rapport building make our team a valuable extension you can count on.  Customer-focused sales leadership is how we increase overall sales by engaging consumers, uniting team members, and refining strategies and their implementation.

Industries we serve

Delivering Impact in Every Industry

We work behind the scenes with hundreds of customers throughout the country to solve sales pipeline challenges, reduce company overhead and protect brands. Our associates deliver comprehensive solutions and promote operational efficiencies with every engagement.

industries – ITK

Why Should You Outsource Your Lead Conversion

Outsourcing your new customer management or lead management is just one way you can help save money while scaling and growing your business. Learn more about outsourcing and its many benefits.

Customer Testimonials

Priscilla Van Houten

Priscilla Van Houten

Founder & Owner - The DIY Joint


Intelikinect has been a lifesaver! Before hiring Intelikinect, I had a hard time keeping up with leads and let many fall through the cracks. In a very short time, they studied & learned the ins & outs of my business in order to come up with an effective system to sell our services. I highly recommend Intelikinect!



Dmitriy S. - Partner


We are a moving company with a small office team the first half of the year we didn’t have a dedicated person picking up the phone. We last more than half of our sales. Finally we decided to pull the plug and get a support team in place we chose the higher end package which I am very happy with it, because they integrated with my CRM making it easier for my team to keep on track. One of my best decisions ever!

SOD Home Group

SOD Home Group

Artistic Director - SDMT


We started with InteliKinect over a year ago to help us connect with customers interested in our service. We wanted to make sure we were providing a quality, consistent customer experience from the first contact. Our relationship is one of mutual respect and great value and allows us to focus on developing other areas, knowing our program is in good hands. We highly recommend their service!