As described in our earlier blog post, “A Brief History of Call Centers”, the call center industry has evolved dramatically since the 1980s. Most of the significant changes have occurred within the last decade but more drastic changes are expected to come within the next few years.

To be able to know which lead conversion provider can work with a fast-paced changing industry and meet business needs and customer expectations is crucial.

Here are some key changes that we believe will shape the future of the call center industry:

1. Call centers will be providing multi channel support.

As service delivery moves beyond phone (voice) channels towards e-mail, chat and the increasing trend of using social media channels – businesses need to fill in the need to provide service to customers in every channel. Call centers will expand their service delivery channels and provide multi-channel support.

2. Call centers will become more mobile.

Integrating mobility with existing call center capabilities is incredibly important considering the explosive use of smartphones today.

Businesses should also consider taking their sales efforts mobile as they can provide call centers with real-time contextual information such as data about the location of the customer, their account information and service history. These pieces of data can play a huge role in analytics.


3. Call centers will employ advanced analytics.

Analytics is a trend that is going to have a high impact on all industries today. Call centers must adopt this trend to better understand customer needs and behaviors.

Since call centers will be offering multichannel support, they will be dealing with a lot of data that capture critical information on preferences, loyalty, service issues and customer value. Call centers will be wise to transform their enterprise not only as call centers but as customer insight centers as well, offering data analytics services to clients as well.

4. Call centers will experience huge technical advances.

These technological advances will transform how companies and their customers connect, interact and respond with one another.

Virtual call centers will rise as centers do away with the need to have agents all in one physical, geographical location. Cloud enterprising will continue to be the thrust of call center providers, as a solution to the need of providing multilingual support.

The IP-Based Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) has already, and will continue to transform call center operations by reducing cost operations as it will integrate the phone with the computer – removing the need for a landline phone to answer voice calls.

5. Lead conversion specialists are seen as value-adding partners not just service providers.

Lead conversion today, the good ones that businesses should partner with, fully understand client processes and are able to evaluate and improve them. Their goal is to not only deliver real economic benefits to clients but to deliver on quality and productivity as well.

Call centers should no longer just mechanically apply client procedures to customer service but really understand their client’s business – their strengths and weaknesses, challenges and advantages – so that they can provide a bespoke service for a business and become a partner in delivering business to its customers.

Contact centers are no longer chosen only on their ability to deliver low-cost service but are chosen on whether they can add value to the overall customer relationship experience of the business.

Lead Conversion of the Future

The call centers of the future will transform and improve customer interactions by providing fast, accurate and reliable information and strong sales techniques across all channels. With advancements in technology, call centers will be able to keep up with the increasing demand of quality lead conversion and still be able to reduce cost operations and call center procedure complexities.

Having a reliable lead conversion process is a vital aspect of a business regardless of the industry they belong to. With our results-driven solutions, you can expect your contact center to deliver the best responses your clients are looking for. Find out more about inteliKINECT’s robust lead-conversion program here.


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